Brelli Medium Clear Umbrella

Stick Umbrella
Brelli Medium Clear Umbrella
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Brelli Medium Clear Umbrella

About the BRELLI
The biodegradable BRELLI is sustainably made from bamboo, a renewable resource, and features a unique, patented, biodegradable plastic clear canopy. This canopy offers vision, superior protection from the elements, and is a bright and brilliant evolutionary leap forward from the dark and damp alternative. Unlike conventional umbrellas it withstands heavy downpours and high winds (up to 40MPH); even better, it is beautiful and durable. It is the ultimate high-fashion accessory that is still green.

A Lighter Footprint
The Brelli was designed and built the so that even in landfill environments, a discarded BRELLI will completely biodegrade in less than five years...this is only a tiny fraction of the time it takes for a conventional umbrella to biodegrade; estimates range from 40-80 years for the canopy alone. Formal data isn't available on how long it takes conventional umbrellas with a metal frame to completely biodegrade because they take so many years. The company worked diligently to create and use materials that, during their biodegradation process, release only harmless gases. The gas released by each discarded BRELLI in a conditional landfill can be harvested to generate enough electricity to recoup more than 90% of the energy that was used to create it.

BRELLI is the world's first and only 100% biodegradable umbrella, and the award winning design is based on the traditional parasol. These umbrellas provide strong and durable protection from the rain or sun - they are functional as well as beautiful. Each one comes with an organic cotton carry case.

The BRELLI has been featured in Lucky (July 2011), Vogue (December 2010), Nylon (March 2008), Brides (May-June 2008), Time (Summer 2008), Natural Solutions (April 2010), Elle (May 2008) & other national publications.

Wind Testing

The Brelli – biodegradable AND chic

Stick ( 45" Arc , 27" Length , Biodegradable Plastic, Bamboo )
Open/Close Style: Manual/Manual

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Model Style: Stick
Open/Close Style: Manual/Manual
Color(s): Clear
Size of Arc: 45"
Length: 27"
Material: Biodegradable Plastic, Bamboo
Printable?: No